Real-time Relevant Content

Choose what your customer will see in their email based on the time of day they open it, their location, current weather and more..

ContentLive: Create one email with unlimited content combinations to provide the right message, at the right time, to the right customer.

The Time Feature

Show selected content based on a variety of date and time options. Change the image displayed in your customer’s email based on the time of day they open it. Choose different images to display before, during or after a specific time of day.

The Countdown Feature

Create excitement for your events using our Countdown clock. Choose from a variety of themes to suit your brand or content.

The Weather Feature

Plan what to display based on multiple potential weather scenarios. As your customers open their emails we will geo-locate them, look up the weather for where they are and present relevant content based on the scenarios that you created.


Imagine being able to target your content based on the geo-location of your customer at the time they read your email.

Social Feeds

Leverage the power of social media within the content of your emails and include real-time social feeds from Facebook and Twitter, using ContentLive social widgets.

Age and Gender

Manage which images display in your email based on your customer’s age and gender.