The Gen3Media Story

Gen3Media launched gCast in 2008 when Meyrick Adams who, after many years working in media, saw an opportunity to help businesses use the trust and knowledge they have with their customers to easily contact them when they have something relevant to say.

So, he came up with gCast – a truly unique relationship marketing platform designed to help businesses build better relationships with customers.

It enables businesses to send timely communication and offers via email, SMS and direct mail based on attributes such as the last time a customer visited, their birthday, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

So that was it. Armed with a technical team of two, Gen3Media and gCast were born. Fast-forward to today where thousands of businesses worldwide use the gCast platform. And now, Gen3Media has taken email to the next level with ContentLive – a product that revolutionises email marketing.

A huge thanks to our clients who have joined us on this exciting journey so far and to new clients, who we look forward to continuing to work with as our story continues.