How do you stand out from a crowded colony?

Are you sitting there drowning in email creation and thinking, “Is anyone even going to take the time to read this?” You aren’t alone! You head back to the drawing board to make the email look amazing, yet people may not even open it or they could just delete it. That’s right you read it, DELETE!

At that moment you ask yourself, how do I stand out from a crowded inbox?

Lucky for you, we have outlined below Gen3Media’s top 5 tips to help you stand out!

  1. Send during off-peak hours – If you are being bombarded with emails at 6:00am, would you read an email at this time of the day? The answer is most likely going to be no. Why expect your customer to do the same? Suggested times to send an email are;
  • Weekends no earlier than 9am
  • During the week 9am, 2pm & 7pm (SEOPressor Connect, 2017)
  1. Create curiosity –By creating curiosity in the subject line your customer is bound to open the email, to see what the fuss is all about. If you continue to create curiosity from the headings through to the bottom of the email, the customer will read the email.
  2. Choose your words wisely – Whilst you may be trying to either sell the customer a product, provide them valuable information or remind them of an upcoming event, you need to make sure you always use relevant content and have a soft sell approach to your customers. Put yourself in their shoes, what would you react to best?
  3. Be concise – Customers don’t want to open an essay email. Make sure you are short, punchy and clear and speak to the interest of your customer.
  4. Personalisation – Is currently booming! Customers want to open your email and see you have addressed it to them and feel like they are the only person who received the email.

Ultimately, if you follow these top 5 tips you are bound to stand out from the crowd in a crowded inbox.

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