Top tips to avoid SMS mishaps

SMS marketing is an intimate way to communicate with your database. Phone providers preach open rates of 98%, which is a lot higher than email marketing.

With high open rates, businesses need to ensure they are sending the right message to the right member at the right time.

Here are some quick tips on what not to do with SMS: 

Inappropriate timing
Would you want to be disturbed by an SMS at night when you are having dinner or sleeping? Or maybe in the early hours of the morning? You may not appreciate it when telemarketers, call you late at night, or when your phone notifications wake you up in the morning so the same rule applies here.

How to overcome this:
gCast has your back by preventing you from sending campaigns between 7pm to 7am. The reason we do this is so there are no accidental late evening SMS messages going out to your members.  Trust us it’s for the best!

Think about when your members will most likely be more receptive to your messages.  When your members are pre-occupied they are unlikely to give your message the attention it deserves so think about when they may be more at ease and in less stressful situations like around lunch or perhaps early evenings.

Irrelevant Message
Sending any irrelevant communication piece out to your members is always a no-go however it is even more crucial to ensure that your message is relevant when sending an SMS to minimize unsubscribes.

How to overcome this?
To avoid spamming your database and sending out irrelevant messages we always encourage our users to target their campaigns where possible. The more specific your targeting is, the more personalized and direct you can tailor your content thus decreasing your overall unsubscribe rates.

Talking about personal… gCast allows you to not only add the basic personalization such as Given Name and Family Name. We can also make any demographic field you pass up to us into a personalized field, giving you the flexibility to get as personal as you like!

No call to action
Similar to an irrelevant message, if there is no action required by the member what was the point? Your members will become disengaged with your messages quite quickly and at worst unsubscribe.

How to overcome this?
Ensure that every message you send out is enriching the lives of your member in some way.  Whether it’s informative, a special offer or an appointment reminder, make sure that your member is grateful for receiving your message.

No unsubscribe option
Ever received an SMS that you couldn’t opt out from? You don’t want to frustrate your members by not giving them the option to opt out or making it difficult for them to do so.

How to overcome this?
gCast automatically applies the ability for your members to unsubscribe from your SMS and Email campaigns in an easy and effortless manner.

When you disallow a member to unsubscribe from your communication piece you may be breaking the law. We urge you to read up on the Anti-Spam Laws that affect the members within the county you are contacting. Here are the Australian laws which apply to unsubscribing.

Long Messages
Long messages cannot only be time consuming for your members to read, but you also have a small period of time before your member loses interest and disengages. For this reason, it is crucial that your messages are short and to the point.

How to overcome this:
Keep your messages short and to the point, use URL shorteners where possible to avoid lengthy URL’s, use abbreviations where appropriate and pay attention to the character count displayed at the bottom of the gCast SMS editor, this ensures you know exactly how many messages your SMS will utilize upon sending.

Not identifying who sent the message
When receiving an SMS, the first thing you want to know is who it was sent by.  Don’t make it difficult for your members to identify who the SMS came from.

How to overcome this?
Ensure you always include your company name in every text you send out instead of relying on the member to memorize your number or go searching through old texts.

Alternatively, gCast has the ability to send out your messages with an 11-character name instead of a mobile phone number known as Alphanumeric. The use of Alphanumeric makes it really easy for your member to recognize who the sender is and gives your SMS’s an added professionalism.  If you would like to find out how to set up Alphanumeric for your business make sure to contact us at

(Additional costs apply for the use of Alphanumeric SMS’s)


When you are looking to send out your next SMS campaign consider the quick tips above to avoid sending a campaign that could be a big NO for your database.

Contact the Gen3Media team or view our Help Centre if you require assistance with setting up your SMS campaign.

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