Tips for easing campaign activation fears

About to hit the activate button on your email campaign? Do you have a creeping fear that something might be wrong in your campaign?

Fear no more! Here are the Gen3Media tips to help ease your fear when sending out a great email campaign.


When sending out an email campaign, never underestimate the value in testing.

Make sure you know how the campaign will look when viewing on desktops, online and on different mobile devices. What looks great on an iPhone might look very different when opening on an internet browser.

Don’t forget, different email providers render campaigns differently. Check how your campaign looks like in Outlook, Gmail, Apple mail or on as many email providers you can. This will give you a better idea of how recipients will see the campaign.

How to test in gCast

gCast will not let you send a campaign until you have sent at least 1 test. When creating the campaign click on the Status tab and click the Send Test button.

If you want to send more tests to different accounts, simply add in email addresses into the white text bar.

Status Tab


gCast safeguards

After you have sent out your tests, gCast will prompt you to complete more tasks before activating the campaign.

These steps are important and will help ensure your campaign is ready to go.

  1. Proof read the email. A great way to proof read your campaign is to go through your campaign once, walk away (figuratively or literally), take some time and do a second proof with fresh eyes.
  2. Approve your subject line. An excellent subject line will sell your campaign. For tips on how to write a subject line check out our blog ‘The power of a great subject line’.
  3. Spell check. Simple but often overlooked. Triple check your content, treat spell checking as the more in-depth version of proof reading. Get a second set of eyes on the campaign, their input will help identify anything that you might have missed.
  4. Check all the links. This is where sending tests comes back into importance. Click on every link and image and make sure they not only have working links but that they take you to the right place. Take your time (where possible) and be meticulous when checking links, they direct readers to important information and can be the difference between closing a sale or not.

Final steps

  • Time and Date. Always double check your time and date settings in your campaign. If it is a once off campaign, check the send time and date. If you are activating a Set & Forget, make sure the campaign runs for the correct length of time.
  • Demographics. Check your demographic scenarios are correct and that you are targeting the right members for the campaign.
  • Check Recipients. Always check how many members are receiving the campaign. You can click the Check Recipients button in the Demographics tab or the Check Now button in the Status tab. Both give you the ability to not only see the number of people that your campaign will send to but also the opportunity to view their names and email addresses by clicking on the number.

Follow these simple rules and ease your campaign activation fears!

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