Connecting your customers

5 ways to connect with your customers

Do you ever feel like you’re not connecting with your customers and unsure of how to really connect with them? Here are our top 5 tips in connecting with your customers!

  1. Customer Orientated

When creating your content for your email, consider who will be receiving your email. Will this email address their top 3-4 problems? The customer wants to know how your product or service could solve their problem. Make the customer feel like this email is only being sent to them and only them, ensure your customer feels like you have their best interest at heart.


  1. Inform your customers

When informing your customer be sure to focus on your approach and not only the features of the product or service. Make sure the information is relevant and inform the customer of the product or service and how it will benefit them, not just how much it will cost.


  1. Short & Sweet

Keeping your email short and sweet, your customers will forever love you! For the customer to even begin reading, the subject line must be catchy otherwise you have lost them before they’ve even opened your email. Continuing on, there is a difference between reading and ignoring your email. If the email is too long it is likely your customer will glaze over your email and delete it. Remember to engage your customers within the first few lines for maximum engagement.


  1. Keep it real

By keeping it real the customer feels they are connected and can relate.  Establish a genuine human connection with them so you establish trust and build a rapport with your customers.  You can do so by adding in your own imagery or videos that may show sneak peeks or behind the scenes to your business while always thinking about how it relates back to the customer.


  1. Get personal

We don’t mean that in a up in their face sort of way but in a way that makes your customers feel as though you are human and are talking to them face to face.  Establishing a human connection will make the customer feel important and valued. Getting personal with your customers can be as easy as toning down the promotional material and keeping it customer orientated, you want to inform them by keeping it short and sweet, keep it real and of course be personal with them.

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