The power of a great subject line

What good is a perfectly crafted email if no one ever opens it?

In a world of short attention spans, our inboxes are skimmed,  so how do you get the reader to open your email?

The killer subject line.

A great subject line aims to be attention grabbing, interest piquing and valuable to the reader but that is sometimes easier said than done. “35% of email recipients open emails based on subject line alone.” The subject line is king.

So here are some 4 tips to make boost your open rate through your subject line.

  1. Get Personal

A study found that subject lines with a recipient’s first name can increase open rates by up to 29.3%. Personalised subject lines are more likely to engage with the reader. Using personalised fields in gCast means you simply adding the Given name field to your subject line to add the personal touch.

  1. Be Specific

Sometimes a little mystery can be a great thing…but not for email marketing. Keep your subject lines useful and specific, readers will not click on the email if they don’t think it’s worth their time. Keep it brief and to the point, readers will be interested if the email is interesting.

  1. Embrace the power of the How To subject line

Be useful. Give your reader a reason to open your email. Handy tips and lists are hugely popular. It also has the bonus of being a specific subject line while still urging them to open to find out more.

  1. Targeting

Who is receiving this email? Does it apply to them? It is always important to segment your email campaigns to target your desired audience. This includes what you write in the subject line. Make it relevant to the audience. Think about who the email is being sent to and shape your subject line accordingly.

A huge amount of time and effort goes into creating a great email marketing campaign, don’t let your subject line fail you.  Use these tips to help you towards greater email open rate success.

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