Relevant and timely communication

Gen3Media, the retention marketing company behind gCastTM and ContentLiveTM.

Automate Your Marketing

The pioneers of Set & ForgetTM marketing leverage any action or non-action to target individuals.

Integrate User Data

Our powerful API solutions and easy data uploads takes the hassle out of data management.

Always Relevant

Our new CMS ContentLiveTM presents relevant content as your members open their emails.

Designed For Marketers

Powerful Segmentation

Just one database with all your customer information, you can build scenarios to target the people you want to reach without the need for time consuming data mining or list creation.

Easy Campaign Creation

Customise pre-existing templates, bring your own design or build a new one using the drag and drop gCast Email Creator.

Simple Data Integration

Take the hassle out of managing your customer data. Import in a few easy steps or connect your CRM/POS application to gCast.

Built for Multiple Locations

gCast caters for your business structure, allowing you to have complete control or to empower your branches to market at a location level.


Delivering content based on conditions relevant to your recipient such as time of day, weather and location. Integrate ContentLive with gCast and take personalisation to the next level.

Realtime Reporting

See results instantly or schedule an automated report. Keep track of engagement with your campaigns including open rates, click throughs, social engagement and much more.

Our Platform

How many times have you heard someone state that it is more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain one? Retaining customers is integral to the success of most businesses. There are many reasons why repeat customers are essential, they usually spend more with each purchase, are more willing to trial new products or services, more likely to refer your business to their network and the list goes on.

We work with marketers and business owners from around the world and we often hear them express how vital it is to retain customers however they may not have the skills, know-how of software, or a team of data and life cycle marketing experts to put an effective retention solution in place.

At Gen3Media we believe that marketing technology must be easy to use and implement that is why we have created what many believe to be one of the easiest platforms that allows you to create sophisticated customer engagement campaigns.

Need to show your team why customer retention is so important? Check out a fantastic infographic the team at Invespcro have created here!

CRM Integration

Recognise any of these logos?

Our platform works with yours!

We have integration tools and APIs that ensure you will never need to heavy-lift data and mess around with reports or spreadsheets. In a few clicks our team can assist you in automating data flow back and forth between your CRM and gCast.

Join the thousands of businesses from around the world that use gCast.