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According to statistics, retaining customers is beneficial to the growth of your business. Repeat customers usually spend more with each purchase and it costs less then trying to acquire new customers.

Our platform has been developed to help you implement solid marketing strategies that ensure profitable outcomes for your business. We have created a platform that is easy to manage and that allows you to create sophisticated, engaging customer communication campaigns.

Marketing technology should be easy to use, intuitive and simple…let the machines do the hard work for you.

"Your customer retention investment should exceed your customer acquisition investment."

CRM Integration

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CRM Integrations

Our platform works with yours!

We have integration tools and APIs that ensure you will never need to heavy-lift data and mess around with reports or spreadsheets. In a few clicks our team can assist you in automating data flow back and forth between your CRM and gCast.

CRM Integrations
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You don't buy a car without taking it for a test drive...that is half the fun right?

Simply click the button below and we will assign you a dedicated account manager who will offer you a tour of gCast and assist you in integrating your client data.

We will show you how easy it is to setup highly targeted, eye-catching campaigns that will leverage your data and generate results immediately.


The Results are in

Your gCast campaigns will generate results and it is normal for clients to see a return on their investment within days of "test driving" their free trial account.


More than 4500 Business from around the world have used or continue to use gCast.

We thank you all for your support and for the opportunities you have given us to assist you, learn with you and continually develop our skills. Whether you are looking for a long term partner to assist you with retention or for a short term loyalty promotion: get in touch with us to see how we can assist you.

Features and Benefits

Here are some great features and benefits that gCast has to offer.

Simple Data Integration

Take the hassle out of managing your customer data. Import in a few easy steps or connect you CRM/POS application to gCast.

Easy Campaign Creation

Customise pre-existing templates, bring your own design or build a new one using the drag and drop gCast Email Creator.

Powerful Segmentation

With just one customer database you can build scenarios to target your reach without time-consuming data mining or list creation.


Delivering content based on conditions relevant to your recipient such as time of day, weather and location. Integrate ContentLive with gCast and take personalisation to the next level.

Built for Multiple Locations

gCast caters for your business structure, allowing you to have complete control or to empower your branches to market at a location level.

Realtime Reporting

See results instantly or schedule an automated report. Keep track of engagement with your campaigns including open rates, click throughs, social engagement and much more.

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